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Tyler S, Licensed Real Estate Broker

I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker who also has an investment company, so I am very familiar with the ins and outs of investing in Real Estate and how much money one truly can make by investing into REO and Tax Sale properties. Jeff and his company, Tax Lien Strategies, have both the knowledge and experience to make an investor happy. And we all know the best way to make investors happy, is by making them money.”


Jim I, Author / Entrepreneur / CEO Carmel Properties

Jeff is an outstanding real estate investor who always develops the right strategy to maximize cash flow and equity in every transaction. He is able to structure winning joint ventures that meet the goals of all principles involved.

I would not hesitate to trust Jeff’s skills and experience should I need a competent asset manager to help me invest funds in real estate. His technical skills and attention to detail adds to his skill set while investing in real estate.