Monthly Archives: October 2015

Reduce RISK

When investing in Real Estate it’s important to mitigate risk to avoid catastrophic loss.  There are many strategies to do so, most of which include due diligence, teaming with experts, and insurance.  Now there’s a new product to help reduce risk, it’s literally $1 per day and many CPA’s will allow you to write-off the expense.

Introducing the Real Estate Legal Plan from LegalShield.  Assuming you don’t have any W2 employees as part of your real estate investing business, you can pick-up the following products to mitigate risk:

(1) Legal plan for individuals or families:  The LegalShield plan provides unlimited legal advice, review of contracts, letter writing & phone calls from our Provider law firms, and so much more.  Never create or sign a Real Estate contract again without consulting your attorney beforehand.  And once you’re a LegalShield member you’ll seldom have to pay anything more than the low monthly subscription amount.  The creation of the Will and Living Will are also included in the plan (ie., worth $1,000+), plus civil trial defense, assistance with traffic violations, IRS audits, uncontested family changes (ie., divorce, adoption, name change) and more.  Plans vary by state but are typically $17.95 for individuals or $19.95 for families.

(2) Home business supplement:  The standard LegalShield plan above covers “personal” issues so you’ll need to add the HBS for an extra $9.95 per month.  This affords you all the benefits while protecting your “business” transactions in real estate and more.

Register today and mitigate the risk before you have an unfortunate circumstance that costs you thousands of dollars!  Product information and videos are available on the registration site at: